Our drivers are our family, and we want them safe.

Committed to Safety

One of the Goals of the GHI Safety Department is to support and help all of its employees and associates to navigate the world of safety. We strive to assist and educate our driver force.

We want you to make it through a DOT stop with ZERO violations. Our Field Safety personnel perform random tractor inspections on all tractors. This is a complimentary service. When we find issues with the equipment we advise you to get it corrected in a timely fashion. This service is provided to prevent both parties from incurring any CSA points.

Not only do we perform random tractor inspections, we also conduct quarterly terminal audits at all locations. We look for any unsafe practices or procedures to ensure that all of our employees and associates work in a safe environment.

We believe we have a responsibility to the motoring public. We know that education is the key to our success. To that end we hold Safety Meetings, conduct online trainings, have a Safety Committee made up of personnel from various positions in the company’s to share insight on our Safety programs.

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