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George Hildebrandt Inc. offers regional flatbed shipping, tie and tarp, and logistic services focused on safety and on-time delivery.

Flatbed Transportation Services - Trucking

It Began with One Truck and High Standards

George Hildebrandt grew up on his family’s farm near Hudson, NY. From his father, he learned the importance of honesty and integrity. These values would one day lead George to success in the trucking business.

In 1943, George purchased his first truck to haul fruit and produce from upstate New York to New York City. Through perseverance and hard work he expanded the size of his fleet, providing shipping services to all parts of the Northeast.

George introduced his grandsons, Alfred Bartolotta and Rudy Hayes, to the business at an early age. Under George’s guidance, Alfred and Rudy learned to appreciate the traditional values of their grandfather.

Today the company is owned and operated by Rudy, who runs the business by adhering to George’s beliefs in three essential ingredients of success: Safety, Customer Satisfaction, and Employee Respect. We do this time and time again building consistency in who is handling your loads.

Flatbed Transportation Services - Trucking

GHI Trucking

Company Drivers and lease Independent Contractors to transport your goods via our flatbed trucking service.
flatbed transportation services - loading and tarping

Hudson Loading Services

Quality tarping and securement of your goods indoors or out, in any weather, with an overall emphasis on safety.
flatbed transportation - logistics

Hudson Logistics

Finding transportation in hard to serve markets via flatbed or van in an efficient and safe manner.